Shavon Bethel Discusses Church Activities and Reading Spiritual Guides

Shavon Bethel

January 14, 2021

Shavon Bethel

Making the Community Stronger Through Faith and Teamwork

Shavon Bethel is supporting church activities and the study of spiritual guides, by discussing the benefits of faith and working with others to improve the community.

Participating in church activities offers fun in a safe, moral, and religious setting that’s ideal for spiritual growth. Shavon Bethel notes that activities with like-minded members of the congregation reinforce church teachings and can lead to friendships and enlightenment. Whether it’s gatherings for bible studies, or community outreach to help the poor, church activities make a difference in the lives of others.

Shavon Bethel also notes church activities help those struggling with religious or moral issues find answers. When congregation members engage in spiritual matters, it removes social barriers. As a result, communities become stronger. This is important in times of crisis when communities must overcome difficult challenges such as natural disasters, or even this Global Crisis- Covid-19. Learning to work together in a spiritual manner can yield benefits that last years.

Similarly, reading spiritual guides is a process that can lead to peace, happiness, and a new perspective on life and religion. Reading is enhanced by integrating personal reflection with the thoughts and feedback of fellow parishioners. Shavon Bethel underscores the importance of sermons by church leaders, but examining spiritual guides is necessary to achieve a better understanding of scripture and to make substantive improvements in spiritual well-being.

Conversations about scripture often-times provide new perspectives and help parishioners see different points of view. It also helps to clear up misunderstandings and illuminate the deeper meaning behind parables and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Shavon Bethel enjoys reading and praying and sharing thoughts on scripture, while helping those new to the faith become familiar with spiritual teachings. While faith can be a personal journey, it is often enhanced by including other churchgoers in the discovery process.

Shavon Dion Bethel is an Attorney at Law in the Bahamas specializing in Family Law and Civil Litigation. An avid churchgoer and religious advocate, Shavon is expanding his skill sets to include journalism, professional counseling, and church ministry. He’s currently pursuing theological studies and is a strong believer in positive thinking and community outreach.

As a supporter of church activities and spiritual enlightenment, he is looking to devote more of his time and energy to spiritual growth in church ministry. Shavon Dion Bethel is looking to make church and faith a larger part of his life in the future.