Shavon Bethel Talks about What We Might Expect Gospel Concerts to Look Like in 2021

Shavon Bethel

January 27, 2021

Shavon Bethel Shares Thoughts on What We Might Expect at Gospel Concerts in 2021

What will gospel concerts look like in 2021? Shavon Bethel Chimes in.

2020 was a bust for gospel concerts. From small to big venues, nearly everyone canceled their 2020 concerts with fans either receiving a refund or a voucher, according to Shavon Bethel. Even with the pandemic still in effect, tickets are back on sale for most artists in 2021. It seems, according to Shavon Bethel, that venues are hoping for the lockdowns and other restrictions to end in 2021. But are they hoping for something that won’t happen? If concerts move forward, what will they look like? Shavon Bethel attempts to shed some light on these questions and more.

Right now, according to Shavon Bethel, you can buy concert tickets for shows in 2021. For example, you can go see Metallica in Sacramento and The Weeknd has rescheduled his tour canceled in 2020. However, as 2021 gets underway, we’re already seeing some cancellations. The Grammys recently announced that they’re postponing the awards show until March of this year. Will more shows and concerts be soon to follow?

“I can’t see how concerts would be selling out right now,” says Shavon Bethel. “With too many unanswered questions surrounding COVID-19, the vaccine, and the new normal, people are shying away from large, indoor concerts.”

COVID-19 numbers are at their worst and with venues tightly packing concert-goers into space, how will we follow CDC guidelines? “It seems right now that any concerts this winter will most likely be canceled, but that also depends on where they’re held. If they’re in California, you can be sure they’ll get canceled,” says Shavon Bethel.

But what about the Spring and Summer? According to Shavon Bethel, “Even if everyone wore masks to a concert, It doesn’t seem all that possible to practice safe social distancing with seats so close together. As far as I know, tickets are not being sold in socially distanced groups but are being sold as if the pandemic never even happened.”

And that is what venues around the world are counting on. That the pandemic will fizzle out and life with get back to normal, and that includes safely going to indoor concerts in the United States and around the world, says Shavon Bethel.