Shavon Bethel Discusses How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Overall Life Satisfaction

Shavon Bethel

March 6, 2021

Shavon Bethel Discusses How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Overall Life Satisfaction

Shavon Bethel recently discussed how the act of positive thinking can improve overall life satisfaction.

Many people have heard about the power of positive thinking. However, they may not know just how beneficial it can be to overall life satisfaction. Shavon Bethel recently explained that positive thinking is a core value of his because it has the ability to completely transform the way you view your life and happiness.  Even if positive thinking does not come naturally to you, there are plenty of great reasons to start cultivating affirmative thoughts and minimizing negative self-talk. The following are several ways positive thinking can improve your life.

“Positive thinking is often seen as a lighthearted or fluffy phrase,” Shavon Bethel said. “But the ability to truly think positively can greatly impact your life. It’s an act that does not get enough credit.”

Shavon Bethel explained that positive thinking isn’t just about displaying a happy attitude. Positive thinking can result in true, concrete changes in your life. It can transform your work, your health, and your overall well-being. Shavon Bethel cited information from University of North Carolina positive psychology researcher Barbara Fredrickson.

“Negative emotions have the ability to narrow your focus and negative thoughts have the same power,” Shavon Bethel said. “Negative thoughts greatly limit what you see, preventing your brain from looking for other choices and options around you.”

Shavon Bethel compared this to what positive thoughts and emotions can do to your mind. Unlike negative thoughts, positive emotions and thoughts allow us to have a much wider view. They allow us to see more possibilities and open our minds to new ideas and solutions. Furthermore, when faced with stressful situations, positive thinkers cope more effectively than pessimists. In one study, researchers found that when  optimists encounter a disappointment (such as not getting a job or promotion) they are more likely to focus on things they can do to resolve the situation. Rather than dwelling on their frustrations or things that they cannot change, they will devise a plan of action and ask others for assistance and advice. Pessimists  on the other hand, simply assume that the situation is out of their control and there is nothing they can do to change it.


Shavon Bethel explained that positive emotions have the ability to improve skill sets. For instance, a child who happily plays outdoors with friends often develops social skills, athleticism, and creativity. Those skills will be used for years to come, whether they result in job opportunities due to excellent communication skills or a scholarship for athletics. Shavon Bethel explained that positive emotions broaden outlooks, and in turn, they broaden resources and skill sets.

“You now know that positive thinking and emotions can greatly improve your life, but creating that positivity may not seem as simple,” Shavon Bethel said. “However, it really is easy. Simply do anything that ignites your feelings of happiness, love, or contentment.”

Shavon Bethel explained that pursuing your greatest hobbies and interests regularly can result in positive emotions that, in turn, positively affect your life. He added that if you’re still struggling to find something that sparks joy, begin by meditating, writing, or simply playing. It’s easy to get caught up in scheduling appointments, conferences, and obligations, but individuals need to schedule a time for activities that spark joy also.

“Positive emotions need to be made a priority if you want to positively impact your life,” Shavon Bethel finished. “It’s important to remember that happiness doesn’t just come as a result of success, it is what builds success in the first place.”