Shavon Dion Bethel Discusses the Core Values of a Successful and Enjoyable Work Environment

Shavon Bethel

April 6, 2021

Shavon Dion Bethel Discusses the Core Values of a Successful

Shavon Dion Bethel recently discussed the core values of a successful and enjoyable workplace.

It’s no secret that a successful workplace is one with satisfied employees. Although, many executives and managers find the task of creating a successful and enjoyable workplace more difficult than it sounds. Creating a successful work environment is important to employers. A happy workplace means high-performing employees, right? But there are factors beyond the place itself that influence how employees perform within it, according to  Gallup research. The first is a person’s engagement in their work, and the second is their well-being. Attorney Shavon Dion Bethel recently discussed the values a workplace can implement to improve employee satisfaction and overall success.

“Managers and executives need to implement certain core values and stick to them,” Shavon Dion Bethel said.

Shavon Dion Bethel explained that a variety of aspects create an enjoyable workplace environment. Some of them are entirely work-related while others involve improving employee comfort and satisfaction. He first stated that a successful work environment is one that is fast-paced yet flexible. This means that the work environment can have many tasks being completed at one time, but that work doesn’t need to be set to an extremely specific time schedule. Shavon Dion Bethel explained that employees tend to reach deadlines more successfully and happily when every workday is not set to a specific time schedule.

“Employees want a workplace that pays them what they’re worth and offers potential to earn more,” Shavon Bethel said. “If you’re already at the highest pay scale offered by a specific workplace, it’s hard to stay motivated to achieve more.”

Shavon Dion Bethel explained that a workplace must offer the potential for improvement. Similarly, a successful work environment provides tasks that are challenging for employees. The intellectual challenge sparks creativity and results in a sense of growth when the task is complete. Work that is intellectually challenging and interesting is what gets a person out of bed in the morning.

“It’s important to note that while flexibility and freedom of time lead to a more satisfied workforce, the workplace should also be organized and deadlines should be clear,” Shavon Dion Bethel said. “Flexibility does not mean laziness or a lack of structure.”

Shavon Dion Bethel continued further to explain that employees want a workplace that is relaxed with little micromanaging or pressure. Sure, pressure will need to be applied if tasks are not being completed on time, but it shouldn’t be applied when it’s not needed. A relaxed workplace should also be a quiet one. Limiting distractions results in a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Finally, Shavon Dion Bethel explained that a successful work environment is one that is predictable. Workers know what is likely to happen when they come into work that day, and they’re not likely to be met with unwanted surprises, like shortened deadlines or increased workloads.

“It’s important for those in charge to implement these core values and insights, so employees know that they can rely on them day in and day out,” Shavon Bethel said. “A work environment that is constantly changing directions and policies is one that will also see a high turnover of employees.”